Monday, February 18, 2008

circumvention technologies - Solution to Internet censorship

In the face of this growing global problem, citizens around the world have sought solutions to evade government filters and exercise their basic human rights to access information of their own choosing.

The tools, methods, and strategies that are used to by-pass Internet
content filtering are referred to as circumvention technologies..

There are numerous circumvention technologies that can be used under a variety
of different circumstances by a wide range of potential users. No one technology
fits all of the different potential users and the circumstances within which they find
themselves. Our view is that it is much better to think of circumvention technologies
pragmatically as tools in a toolkit. Just as some tools are better for some jobs and
not others, or require different levels of skill to employ responsibly, each circumvention
technology should be approached in terms of how best it fits each user’s unique
problems, circumstances, and skillset.

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